Your Client Portal

Your Client Portal is where we communicate and update you on the development and progress of your website. The Portal includes Documents, Bookmarks, Action Items, and a Timeline of updates inside your Portal.

Client Portal Homepage

Portal Login

You will be sent a URL that logs you directly into your Portal. You don’t need a keep login credentials. You just need to bookmark the page in your web browser.

Homepage Features
  1. Quick Links are bookmarks to important pages like your website, the WordPress app for your site, and a Website Feedback tool (more about this tool below.)
  2. Docs and Files: the section includes such as your Contract, Landing Page instructions, website updates, and other documents that you can peruse.
  3. Action Items: You and I can add Actions in this section. As we complete items we can check them off. You can also add Action Items by simply clicking inside the area.
  4. Important Documents: I will addd important documents that need your attention.
  5. You search your portal for files.


Below the Documents section is a Timeline of updates in your Portal, including new items added to your Portal, comments and action items you and I post on documents.

Documents and Files

  1. Quick get to parts of your Client Portal from the Sidebar
  2. Click on a document to view it.
  3. Click on the Create button to upload a file, link to a file or add New Folder to add files in. Note: You can’t create new document, but you can leave comments on existing documents.
  4. Click on Check button to add an Action item and on the Comment button to send a message or Comment.
Create a file or folder

Got Questions?

I hope you find the Client Portal easy to navigate and use for communication. If you have any questions, please shoot me an email. We can get on a quick Zoom or Google Meet call, and I can walk you through any questions.