Why and How I’m Blogging My First Book

WHY I'M BLOGGINGThanks Nina Amir’s How to Blog a Book, I’m feeling more confident about using drafts of my forthcoming book, Starting From Day One, to post and share on this site.

Traditionally most writers have not always let it be known what book they’re working on, and maybe for good reasons. But after reading Nina’s book I realized how it makes sense for a number of reasons to blog drafts of my book. While the entire book won’t be posted online, several of the mostly evergreen chapters will be.

So here’s why I’m blogging my book.

Revising drafts: Blogging my book provides a space to revise chapters as I write, and hopefully get reader feedback before those chapters before book publication. When I blog, I’m of course writing with an audience in mind.

For example, this post of journal writing prompts consists of a much revised chapter in my book. As I re-read the chapter for blog posting, I realized how much more those and other prompts in the book need flushing out.

The more parts of my book that get read by different readers, the better I can revise and prepare it for publication. (Note: I also have a few dedicated draft readers who helping me with wonderful feedback.)

Building an author platform: Honestly, I didn’t know about “building an author platform” until I started researching what it takes to write, publish, and promote a book. It took less ten minutes to figure out that I could produce the best book in the world, but no one will know it exist if I don’t work on exposing my project and connecting with other people.

Building my blog site: As a freelance writer I spend most of my time writing 3-5 articles per week for the online tech publication, MakeUseOf.com, as well as writing for individual clients. So up until I started writing my book, I sadly only had about 28 posts on my blog, which I created over a year ago. By blogging my book, it’s helping me learn more about blogging and social networking. And of course drafts from the book provide content for the blog. I call that multitasking the right way.

Oh, and one more thing: what’s even more inspiring for me to blog these days is using Canva.com. I’m not a graphic designer, but I thoroughly enjoy creating designs on the site and using them in my blog and social network posts.

Fulfilling a promise: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had ideas for a book, but my internal censor would turn on and whisper all types of excuses for not writing a book. This time I shut that negativity down by writing in my journal, about all the reasons I need to write this book. In blogging my book, several people are already looking forward to its publication, including the developers of Day One. So I have no intention of letting them or myself down.



I plan is to finish and publish my book by late June, but I’m not going stop there. I have plans to blog other books, and in November I plan to participate in Nina’s National Nonfiction Writing Month (NaNonFiWriMo). That’s right, a NaNoWriMo for us non-fiction writers. It’s about time.

Well, let me know what you think about blogging a book. Is it a good idea? Do you think there are drawbacks to the process?

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