I’m a full-time blogger and administrative and media assistant for two non-profit education organizations.

I have over twenty years of experience in online writing, and have developed maintained two websites, MacAutomationTips.com and NaJoWriMo.org. I was a high school English teacher for fifteen years, and for about five years I did wedding and event photography and videography.

I have written for several online publications, including the leading online technology magazine, MakeUseOf.com, O’Reilly Media’s Inside Aperture, Photo.net, MyMac.com, and Rethinking Schools.

In 2015, I published Starting From Day One-Using the Day One Journaling App to Record and Enrich Your Life.

I’m also a husband and father of two wonderful children, and lover of modern jazz. I try to be an avid reader, though I don’t have as much time to read as I would like.

This year (2018) I’ve decided to rebuild and develop this my personal blog to share about topics I’m interested in. I won’t be able to keep this blog updated on a weekly basis, but if you’re interested in the topics I write about (blogging, writing, personal finance, and productivity tips), please do subscribe.




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  1. I’m in awe! I can’t believe that I am finally actually LOOKING at your many blogs & sites after having been a subscriber to Make Use Of for years! DOH!
    I’m a fledgling Mac user OSX 10 upgraded to Lion …I think? lol stumbling around but have needed info regarding publishing and photography publishing for ever!
    Thanks for being out there!
    I’m a little stunned that you dont have comments here yet! and i’m sharing you as much as I can. Many Many Thanks from a fellow jazz music lover, writer and photographer [and earth loving human “bean” -who escaped from and fights against the CORPORATACRACY! lol Namaste and Thanks again!

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