Bakari Chavanu is professional technical and freelance writer and photographer. He is a staff writer for the leading web technology blog magazine, in which he publishes three articles per week on range of topics including how-to articles using Apple software and mobile devices, Internet technology and services, and digital photography. And recently he was hired to write for the weekly digital magazine publication, Apple Magazine.

He is the author of the Make Use ofGuide to Digital Photography, and The Awesome Automation Guide for Mac Users.

He written for other sites and publications including O’Reilly Media’s Inside Aperture,,, and Rethinking Schools.

He has been a wedding and event photographer and videographer for nearly eight years, and an high school English teacher for fifteen years.

He infrequently maintains a few other blogs that you will definitely learn something from : Mac Automation Tips and Mac Photography Tips.

One thought on “About

  1. lilmother says:

    I’m in awe! I can’t believe that I am finally actually LOOKING at your many blogs & sites after having been a subscriber to Make Use Of for years! DOH!
    I’m a fledgling Mac user OSX 10 upgraded to Lion …I think? lol stumbling around but have needed info regarding publishing and photography publishing for ever!
    Thanks for being out there!
    I’m a little stunned that you dont have comments here yet! and i’m sharing you as much as I can. Many Many Thanks from a fellow jazz music lover, writer and photographer [and earth loving human “bean” -who escaped from and fights against the CORPORATACRACY! lol Namaste and Thanks again!

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