Mark Your Calendar: 30-Day Digital Journaling Challenge

Join 3If you’re wanting to develop a journal writing habit, or you want to try your hand for the first time at digital journal writing, then mark your calendar for the 30-Day Digital Journaling Challenge.

The Challenge is being sponsored by myself, Nathan Ohren, of, and co-sponsored both other journal writing coaches and journal app developers, including Mari McCarthy of, the International Association of Journal Writing, Write4Life, Day One, LifeJournal, and HeyDay.

The 30-Day Digital Journaling Challenge will begin on October 1st. Registration for the event will begin on or before September 1st.

Why This Challenge

Journal writing is a proven method and tool for self-reflection, setting and achieving goals, documenting your life experiences, improving writing skills, and much more. And using a digital application for writing is a beneficial tool and method for insuring the privacy of your journal writing, accessing your journal on multiple devices, and reviewing, archiving and publishing journal entries in PDF or paper format.

The 30-Day Challenge will include daily journal prompts from leading journal coaches and writers who understand the power of journal writing and how it enhances the lives of journal keepers.

So mark your calendar for September 1st to register for the challenge on I will post more updates about this event in the coming weeks.

One thought on “Mark Your Calendar: 30-Day Digital Journaling Challenge

  1. wpnathanoh says:

    Here’s MORE about what the Digital Journaling Challenge. Listen to this interview with host Kathleen Adams (author, speaker, entrepreneur) from the Center for Journal Therapy and the Journalverse. We explore some great questions about handwiting vs. typing our journals!

    Please Share:

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