Get Started Journal Writing With These Journal Prompts

Start_Journaling_Today copy 2Some of the benefits of journal writing is how it can help build your writing skills, as well as being a save place to write about goals, dreams, problems, and experiences in your life.

The following is a set of journal writing prompts from my forthcoming book, Starting From Day One-Using Digital Journaling to Enhance Your Life. I recommend that you respond to one prompt per day for the next 10 days. Let me know which of these prompts you found useful.

Day 1
For what purposes are you keeping a journal? Write a list (or paragraphs) of the reasons for why you want to keep a journal or diary. And set a goal and challenge for how often you will commit to journal writing. I suggest starting off daily for at least a month.

Day 2
Today, write about your earliest memories of writing? Did you start writing in school? Were there writing assignments that you liked/hated? Was writing difficult for you?

Day 3
What would you like to improve on or change about your writing style and/or approach to writing? Do you enjoy reading your own writing? What type of writing do you prefer—fun, insightful, story-driven, analytical, opinionated?

Day 4
Make a list of the types of writing you regularly do, including for your job, school, and personal life. If you like, add comments about each type of writing you do.

Day 5
Complete the following sentence starter: The plot for a novel or movie I would like to write involves… Push to write at least a paragraph describing the plot, the characters, and the setting. Let your imagination run wild. Remember, you’re not being judged.

Day 6
Write about a memorable place (city, country) you have visited. Describe the place in as much detail as you can. Explain why it’s memorable to you.

Day 7
Write a personal profile of a person you admire. Describe the person’s physical characteristics, personality traits, and qualities you most admire about the person.

Day 8
Writing in 3rd person point of view (use he or she, instead of I), and write about the first person you wanted to be your boyfriend or girlfriend, or significant other. If you like, write it as a short fictional passage. Feel free to spice it up.

Day 9
Make a simple list of the names of all your current and past friends. Go back as far as you can remember.

Day 10
Reflect on your journal writing so far. How has it been helpful to you? Did you gain any insight from the one or more of the topics you journaled about so far?


Let me know what you think of these journal prompts. If you would like to share one or more entries with me, simply copy and paste the entry in an email ( I might include your entry in my forthcoming book.

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