USB 3-in-1 TableMike for Dragon Dictate

Just wanted to share that I ordered and received yesterday the USB 3-in-1 TableMike Microphone from a company called Speech Recognition Solutions. First off, I must admit that this is a very expensive microphone, at least my budget anyway. The base model costs $279, though the price does include postage and handling. I’ve only been using this mic for less than 24 hours, but so far I am very pleased. As I am dictating this review, I’m actually playing music in the background — not through my headphones. I am experiencing no problems with recognition quality. This improvement alone is almost worth the price of the product. I prefer using Dragon Dictate with a desktop microphone, rather than having to grab a headphone mic in order to do a quick dictation.

Bakari chavanu

Before I ordered the 3-in-1, I tried using the internal mic that is installed at the top of my iMac. The internal works okay, but only at about 70 to 80% recognition performance. I definitely could not play music in the background while using the internal mic. The 3-in-1 is a high sensitive noise canceling microphone, which apparently can separate ambient background noise from voice-recognition.

While the price tag for this device is something I did not look forward to paying, it’s a great investment for me as a writer. Dragon Dictate 3.0 performs much better than previous versions, and now I do all my major writing using dictation. In my numerous tests, I find that Dictate types 3 to 7 times faster than I do. However, the process of having to think about what you’re going to say before you say it can be a little challenging. This is why using Dictate does not always decrease the amount of time it takes to do a piece of writing. However, it does save you trouble of correcting typos and misspellings.

I will report back on the 3-in-1 microphone if I notice any major changes. If you found yourself using Dictate on a regular basis, and you type at the computer for several hours a day, then this microphone may be a good investment for you. It does indeed seem to give a performance boosts to dictation, though of course it can’t solve some of the existing problems Dictate itself. You still have learn how to use the program and deal with its shortcomings.

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