Do We Need An Online Twitter Site Like This?


For better or worse, the Internet is largely a visual medium. I would image that just as many images as words make up the web content of the Internet. Images are powerful and they often covey a messages and capture our attention a hundred times faster than words. So this begs the question, which is a better way to view posts on Twitter, the traditional, linear, text-dominate way, like this?:


Or in a more traditional newspaper styled visual and text medium format, like this (from the Flipboard application for the iPad)?:


Or this approach based on


When I browse Twitter updates using the Flipboard, I experience Twitter in a much more pleasing way. While the traditional linear text interface works pretty well on my iPhone, it’s absolutely boring for browsing Twitter on my computer or iPad.

I wish Flipboard could be turned into online website for Twitter and Facebook, as well as for RSS feeds. The multimedia, magazine style of the application is precisely designed for how media should be passed along and consumed.

What do you think? Should there be two types of Twitter sites?

One thought on “Do We Need An Online Twitter Site Like This?

  1. Aaron says:

    I don’t think there should be two types, then it just feels like a complete different website. I don’t mind the way that Twitter is set up. I fear if it went to the more visual based format, it could just become another news reader like Google Reader.

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