iAnnotate for the iPad


I could easily do an entire website about e-reading devices, and if I did,  iAnnotate PDF would be at the top of my list as the best app for reading and annotating text on the iPad.

Recently, the developers  of iAnnotate put out a press release about how their app is a required iPad program for first-year medical students at Standford. I can certainly understand why. I actually prefer iAnnotate over Apple‘s iBook and Amazon’s Kindle app—the latter two in my view are mainly for reading novels, not books and documents that require lots of annotating.

With iAnnotate, you can wirelessly import PDFs via the developer’s Aji Reader Service app, the file-sharing service, Dropbox, or through a wired connection between iTunes and the iPad. You an also directly download a PDF from within iAnnotate browser itself. I’ve imported and opened PDFs as large a 500 pages without a problem.

Now, sure, iAnnotate doesn’t have the fancy bookshelf interface of iBooks and the Kindle App, but once you learn the power of its annotation features, a fancy bookshelf won’t be something you care much about—though it would be nice.

If you compare the bookmarking and highlighting tools of iAnnotate with iBook and the Kindle app, you will quickly see why and how it outshines the latter too e-readers. The Kindle app, for instance, only allows you to highlight in one color. When you review your My Notes & Marks in the Kindle app, the annotations are almost indistinguishable. You can only see the first highlight that you made on a page. It’s very rudimentary.


iAnnotate provides much more. Not only can you color-code you annotations, but there are other annotation tools at your disposal, including a pencil marker, notes, and book marks that can be both color-coded with their own custom titles. Each annotation mark includes its corresponding page number. (Seriously, Apple and Amazon need to get these developers on their team.)


On top of all this, you can actually email your annotations, or you can export a PDF with all your annotations in tack.

Reviewing my notes and annotations is seriously more efficient in iAnnotate than even with old-schooled paper markings.

The developers of iAnnotate have added features in the last several months, and I suspect they’re not finished. I’ve only touched the service of what this app can do.

Since I started using iAnnotate, as well the Instapaper app, I have literally stopped printing documents to read in paper version.


You can get a free download version (iTunes Store link) of iAnnotate PDF, but if you read lots of PDFs, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed by the full pro version (iTunes Store link).

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