Folder Templates for New Clients

Now that I have a few clients for my freelance writing biz, I came up the idea of creating a template of project folders that I will duplicate each time I get a new client. This will save me the time of creating these folders from scratch. To handle the duplication of these folders, I created a Automator workflow that includes my template of folders. Running the workflow allows me to name the top level folder with the client’s name, which in turn gets the current date affixed to it. The new set of folders is automatically saved within a top level folder titled, Freelance Jobs 2010. This folder process will help me quickly set up for new clients, as well keep project material organized.


One thought on “Folder Templates for New Clients

  1. connectionfailure says:

    ClientFolderMaker is a great utility for making nested folders. It even supports variables, like client names. Disclosure: I bought it for my team at work.

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